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Hosepipe Bans


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its easy to discern were there's a hosepipe ban in England, it follows a very systematic pattern which go's something like.....


Saturday - torrential rain

Sunday - Flood warnings

Monday - torrential rain

Tuesday - Flood alerts in majority of regions

Wednesday - Widespread flooding / torrential record rain levels

Thursday - Rain stops / Emergency flood operation starts / average Temperature rises to high of 3 degrees centigrade

Friday - Water shortages / Hosepipe ban / Widespread reports of falling yearly rain levels due to global warming.



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Depends on how keen your neighbours are to grass you up ha!


The local councils incourage neighbours to grass on each other to save money on water supply costs one month........... then the next month their asking why neighbours cant trust each other more and create more neighbourhood watches so they can save money on rozzers.


..... make ya feckin minds up will ya ffs.

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