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Evening all. I've now been given the job of managing our website, i have Dreamweaver MX2004. All i've done so far is update the website to what we run today etc and changed some pictures down the side. Once i've remembered how to use the software, as it's been a few years i'll be making a proper photo gallery as the previous bloke just couldn't be bothered to do it.


I wondered if anyone on here has any suggestions of things i could do to improve it?




Cheers all.

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I have dreamweaver but use a free package.

There are reasons for this.

Never tried Wordpress but just took a look & will try that, looks rather smart cheers Stu. :thumb:

See i'm used to Dreamweaver too from my school days, so it's all coming back to me.


Aye, i'll download it also.

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