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fiesta mk5


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some of you may know i broke the escort and sold up with the cash from it i got this fiesta mk5 51 plate







ive started on it already,

fitted my cd player today, ive had to fit a hcv as last owner removed it for some reason and ive dropped my mondeo wheels off at the body shop to have them refurbed and resprayed should be back with me next weekend, and ive fitted driver side bucket seat need the pass side one repairing first.

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very nice matey, get protecting the arches, sills and underneath with a shed load of undercoat and stonechip!! they are prone for rust! also you going for a zetec s kit? if so i would say get some turismo wide arches. so those 16's should be tucked under nicely!!! and good thing about the 16's get the 300mm brakes under them that should stop it no problem!!!
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Nice, I like it.

You may recall I have one of these too, what engines in it?

Much nicer drive than I expected if Im honest.

Cheap mod tip is to de-tango the headlights I read it on a fiesta forum somewhere.

Also theres a neat antenna trick to shorten it much more tidy.

Mine has the fogged bumper which looks nice too.

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yeah, 1.3 engine mate, yeah ive joined a fiesta owners club to view the guides quite easy to do im planning on it mate need to sort my heater problem out, ive fitted zetec s clocks sorted my indicator stalk as it wouldnt cancel out used the escort mk6 one with 6 speed wiper but the 6 speeds dont work
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fitted, washed and waxed





white led feston bulb


one seat fitted, need to fix the pass side one


zetec s clocks


gloss black alloy window bolts


de tangoed headlights




2ltr engine swap, zetec s bumpers and skirts, coilovers, strutbrace set, generaly tidy it up nothing major lol

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