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Well, got bored, and this is what happens when I get bored and get an idea in my head


I welcome you the ''StanceBoard''








I counter flushed the bolts for extra clearance coz I bottom out,


negative rear camber was needed so I don't scrub


BMW logo to go on the front


gold and black trucks, will paint them later


Also want some wider wheels lol



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Just thought I'd update this guy,


I bought some new wheels for 9 pounds, only done 40,000 so will post a pic once I got them on.


Running gear is being rebuilt, and will make minor adjustments to the ride height once I got the new rims on. They will stick out my arches as they well wide, so will have to roll my arches init.


found another cheap setup though, i was going to use for parts and break for the remaining spares.

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