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Scumball rally


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Thinking of doing the scumball rally with some mates next year. Remember there being a similar thread before about the same thing, but what were the best options in the end? Im thinking something big engined, with plenty of space inside for 4 smelly lads. Maybe an old 5 or 7 series beemer?


£300 limit btw!

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Old ovlov'll do it!


240/740/940/960 estate. When your finished go and drift in it lol



Id say this!!


A friend of mine did the scumrun a few years ago, one year he used a citroen synergie, and another year he used a E32 7 series.


I think Wayne has done something similar too, he used Jags IIRC

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Not sure about Peugeot, but the Audi is a good shout. What about a jaaaaaag?!


only if your competing in the "scumball 100m endurance race"..... even then Im being generous saying a 300 quid jag would make it more than 50m :pancake:

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