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I have both types of drives knocking about (currently a decent LF version in my quadcore)


though its still pretty easy to come across the hardware with either LF and LS functions (it seems quite a common factory feature on most new systems I see lately too?) Im struggling to find a good source for disc sales.


LightScribe discs are definetly more numerous right now and I dont mind their labelling results but Id much rather stick with the Labelflash as I prefere the results when Im making longterm backup discs and the like.


does anyone have a regular buying source they use for blanks for either format thats reputable?


cheers ears in advance

forgot to add....




cos Im fecked if Im ordering them from yankland at silly price.

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I just prefer having a "hard copy" as alternative to a entirely circuitry based storage for more permenant longterm stuff, barring my 1Tb external drive which I use purely for suplimentary storage on my office Pc I tend to backup to disc for items that are going to be longterm - very longterm (such as architectural drawing and previous job site drawings that might be required for future reference etc etc )


anything Im rarely gonna keep less than 2yrs or is gonna need repeated access too tends to be shoved onto my external otherwise.


as for you not knowing what Lightscribe and Labelflash is Sid........... have you been on the angus beef pee that passes for lager in Scotland again?


as Peapod said, its a disc facia etching system, its quite common on DVD and CD drives all over the place and its allows you to permenantly label a disc without need for a stinkie perm. marker or sticker that'll peel off in less than a year (basically the laser that burns data then burns the facia on the other side in whatever style/pattern/thingie you want).....handie If you dont wanna flick through your records and wonder which one of the feckin rolled up stickers at the bottom of the file box belongs to which disc.

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isnt that just doing the same as shoving it on a flash drive/external again though.


Im sure the office uses some form of off site data storage method like cloud storage (though Ive never had need to concern myself with it yet) but Ive always maintained my own personal records regarding projects sites Ive had a hand in and I just prefer to use media like blank CDs/DVD's for that as It gives me a sense of reassurance for some bizarre reason knowing that I can physically lay my hands on the information whenever the need arises... like a mental safety net for myself.


......... hold on



........ when da feck did this become a debate on my somewhat antiquated approach to data management?


ok lets put a cap on it.


does anyone know of a good LabelFlash/Lightscribe blank disc supplier.......... if no fine, if yes web address.



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ok I get it,


cd/dvd..... too old school


fine then.


but before I go with this whole cloud deal what about opting for a hot-swap alternative?


Ive got various HDD's knocking about from various other systems (some Sata, Some IDE, all 80Gb or over), I was originally planning on recycling one of my old Micro atx box's with its power supply, adding some cooling and using it as one large HDD enclosure for all the spare HDDs (essentially making a multi external HDD) but nothings stopping me slotting a hot swap bay into my current system and taking all my old data off the disc's and slapping it on a HDD instead that way I can then conveniently slot in and pull out whenever I need too.


worth doing? as straight forward to do as it seems?

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i have a hard drive usb enclosure thing on my home pc, means that i can hot swap 1TBB HDDs, very straightforward to use, think was £20 off ebuyer


i used to use one of these, im shocked they still sell them actually lol

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i have a hard drive usb enclosure thing on my home pc, means that i can hot swap 1TBB HDDs, very straightforward to use, think was £20 off ebuyer


sounds like thats what Ill do then (tho Ill opt for a case one, one of those 5.25 bay jobs)


least that way I know I can yank the HDD, shove it in a protective case and stick it in the cabinet.


I know its still a bit old fashioned given modern alternatives but I just like knowing physically were my sh*t is :pancake:, plus it makes use of one of my spare HDDS obviously.

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Bin the rest, old stock and small add to that unreliable due to age.

Having the small usb caddy reduces space and clutter plus it means you can simply pop it into any usb enabled device rather than rely on an antique clumsy method of storage.

You can even pick up a fully loaded 500gb drive caddy for around £50.






Use cloud technology which you can get free up to about 5gb

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