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Short shiftaaa!


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Well I bought this, advertised for a mk6 (1995 onwards, no MK6 confusion here!) and it doesn't fit!


It fits mk5s fine, but the gear linkage cases are different on the mk6. Support rod is also on the other side!


It's fairly fragile, but it's lasting! I really ought to get the mk5 parts and do some swapping!


The shift is fuckin' amazing!!!!!! :eek: :drool: :drool: Proper tiny shift!






Come 'n av a go at Trax! :cheers:

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Proper B&M jobbie :thumb:


Double declutching becomes a totally different game with one of these! Have to stop the gearstick in neutral while the clutch is up, can't move the 'stick smoothly. I got used to it quickly, feels like you're driving it harder so cane it more :thumb:

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dont like it mate, had one on my rst, wont put it on my orion tho :( gear nob is cool tho

Why's that mate?


It is very difficult when not using it in anger! Did you ever miss gears? I haven't (yet), but its easy to!


Have to be fairly careful 2nd-3rd hard change! :D

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