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Got a new job!!


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applied for it tuesday, interviewed yesterday, started today :D :cheers:


Moving brand new Saab's round a compound and from one compound to another getting them ready for transporting around the UK :))


First car they gave me, 93 Aero convertible wih the tiptronic gearbox, 2.0T 210bhp.

Damn that thing could shift!!!

throughout the day i moved around £800,000 worth of prime automobile 8)


including 'the' fastest diesel ive ever driven. 95 saloon 3.0 6 cylinder turbo, sh!t and shovel spring to mind.

All the diesels suffer from major turbo lag and first gear is useless at the lights :tired:

However, the petrol turbos have very little lag and if you turn the safety systems off you can get em sideways :innocent: :roll:

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