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Sortedfords cars


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Ahh well ill be the first then.

i dont have pics of everyone but i have of most :)


in my time ive had 25 cars so far, and im buggerd if i can remember them all lol.


Apart from the cars i learnt to drive in from around 14, most of which i dont have pics of but included a 340 volvo gl :D sierra 2.0 hatch, and a few others.


a 1.3 mk2 escort in brown, we partly restored and brought the paint for it, amongst other chrome bits and bobs, but was going to be too expensive to restore so i let it sit after that, then eventually scrapped :(


my 1.1 Renault 5 i had when i was 16 to get ready for driving when i turned 17, fibreglass front end, wide arches, i have it painted yellow as it was white when i got it and im not that fond of white cars, we molded in a clio 16v vent and repaired minor damage to one arch before that aswell as smoothing off the rear wiper.

Fitted an open/ removeable sunroof i got from a gtx, opening rear windows from a GTT. GTT tailgate, GTX interior and carpet (blue) including all the plastics.

Was a fun first car.




Next i moved onto a mint Nissan sunny coupe, this thing was spotless 1.6 ohc model, it was very fast for the engine too. Finished in gunmetal i smoked the rear lights, front and side indicators, and removed the rear badges, and it stayed standard apart from the ice. Spent alot of money on it then blew it up, spent aload more then it didnt run right and got sold off cheap to some cossovans, who came back a few weeks later as itd been nicked and theyd left the log book in the car :roll:





I then moved back to my renault 5 for a while.


I decided to buy a rover mini cooper 1.3i as they were cheap to insurse, so we traveled to liverpool for a red one :D

wernt as good as i was expecting but brought it anyway.

bonnet flipped up one day while driving due to rust removing the safety catch. so i brought a new bonnet and had the car repainted with a matt black bonnet, roof and stripe down the sides.

I got fed up with the harsh ride so sold it on.


On a bit of a break i decided to have my dads passat 1.8gl for a while, so that stayed and refused to die with no oil, water or anything. we managed to get it to 180k before it failed its mot on welding and we sold it, and they got used in i think it was a ramraid, good strong car that lol. Found it a few months later in a scrappy when i was looking for some other bits.


I bought my first RST then while i was in my first year of uni, had loads done it it, and was great. B&M shortshift, Clifford, Samcos, Pace I/C ETC stopped well with the st170's too.



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I then fancied a cab as it was comming on summer, so i bought a SE cab (mk3) with a mk4 front end conversion with genuine s1 kit smoothed in. fitted the bonnet, single wiper and other bits from my mk4, and repainted it with purple wheels and detailing. alot of work went into it and buy the time id finished it was near the end of summer lol.






I then brought a lovely sleeper of a car, my orion turbo. 170bhp with a t2 hybrid meaning hardly any lag. i put my s2 recaros in, harnesses, lifter the rear of the bonnet and fitted a rs2k bonnet, astra splitter and turned the indicators into air vents. half smoked rears and a nodding dog finished it off along with a flamer kit :D






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Deciding to go for something more ecconomical i brought my red orion from llandudno. It really stood out and i was quite fond of it, but soon got bored as it was too slow, so it didnt stay long.





Next was my mk5 rst. First change was to get rid of the fuel tank from the boot, and put a normal one back underneather along with a mk5 stainless exhaust as it had a mk4 one on, meaning the tank wouldnt fit.

Hardly used the car, although it looked just liek a rs2k, which was nice.






Next up i got a rover 220 turbo (tomcat) a really under rated car i think. pulled extreemly well on standard boost. Loved the removeable roof and great interior. Removed the rear turbo badge and fitted a fish one to make it look like a old man rover from the rear. I fitted the wheels from my escort as the standard ones were shagged. Got sold to be exported to ireland in the end.




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Back to ecconomical cars i brough my wide arched cossie style orion finished in a special mix based on neuvola blue. Great car, went allrite too being a 130 ghia si. Carbon hockysticks and 3 piece wheels wer the order of the day for this. I decided to remove the engine and build a ZVH, which we did, but before i fitted the engine i had the chance of my next car, so it got built and never fitted, which is a real shame.

Evedently i bought a 2.0 modeo too :D





Next up came Gavs zetec turbo, felt fast and drove well when the driveshaft didnt come out, torque stear sometimes was brown trouser moments when launched hard. Looked boy racer, untill people diod accually try to intimidate, and then got left for dead. After fitting the roll cage it did stiffen up alot, and was a much better, if harsher, drive. Esc cos green hex was comfy as feck.




One morning i came out to find it like this:

no back window and bent open front, lucually they hadnt got what they were after in the boot, but obviously never realised what the car was, and never touched any of the blitz guages, which were worth more than the cheap stereo gear in the back :roll:

police got good prints, but never heard from them again. a quick 230mile round trip seen me sorted with a black tailgate and repaired door, this time with no ice, even removing the head unit when i wasnt in the car.




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I decided on renewal not to have such a car at uni, and opted for a nissan sunny coupe again, this time the top zx model with the CA18DE engine, revvy as anything and a good speed on it too, quite a rare car, and like my fist one finished in gunmetal.I got fed up with the fuel ecconomy and decided as i was leaving uni to buy a cossie as id wanted one for some time, so i had a look at a few, but were all dogs.

I brought one with a freshly built stage 3 jamsport engine just run in, but the car was a unrecorded write off.





I searched for shells in a colour which i like (not white or moonstone) and brought a extremley good one in york, and transported it home. Worked out prices for the leather and 4x4 bonnet i wanted, and everything. i was all set.






Then i seen a different shell, a colour more suited to me with the leather, with the 4x4 bonnet, and everything allready there, so this was snapped up, and deliverd home, and built into my current car.

braided fuel lines inside the car, blitx guages, cat1, gearstick lock, disclock, tracket, braided brakelines, samcos, etc....



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so thats basically my car history, although i know theres some ive missed, ill fill it in when i remember.


During that time i brought my track metro, and also pick up anew donor engine car.







i also had my 66k from new xr4x4 v6, whis is now up for sale :D



ofcourse ive also got my red and blue one, but thats not entering my history untill ive sold it as itll always be current :D


just rememberd i had a scirocco gt2 in black aswell :D

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