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Surround Sound System


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Right i am looking for a surround sound system that i can link to my tv to play me xbox 360 through but was wondering what one will connect ?? most surround systems run through a dvd player dont they so does that mean they cant be used with normal tv or games consoles ?(


seen these




would they connect to me xbox360 and if so how ?( ?(

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the best setup would be to get a surround sound AV Amp and then get a set of surround sound speakers see my pic below




I have the centre speaker/DVD Player/AV Amp


then NTL Box and then Video.


the AV Amp allows digital in and has 3 inputs but you can get ones with more, mines a simple one but it does a good job.


or you could but a amp with speakers which dont have a dvd built in, as that might offer more inputs, so you can put ntl/sky/dvd/computer/ or anyother AV equipment

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word of warning before you buy ANY logitech speakers... this is my experiance of logitech speakers posted on another forum


Righty ho... went and bought some 5.1 logitech surround sound speakers on monday... now only payed £60 for em so wasnt expecting much but they really are the dogs danglies sound wise... now....


ive noticed that at night when playing music quietly the 2 right speakers will crackle then near enought cut out or just be really quiet...


now i fiddled with all the wires and nothing seems to be the problem... there all in correctly and on the correct channels... so stumped as i was i stuck my ear to each speaker individually to hear how loud each one was...


now as i suspected the left 2 channels and center channel are fine and loud.... but when i got to the right 2 channels there was a slight noise in the background....I stopped playing the music and listened carefully..


now to my suprise it was a foreign radio station playing in the background... did a quick ctrl+alt+del to see if anything was open... closed all programs and eventually switched the pc off.... and this noise was still there.. i have a ****ing spanish radio station playing on all my pc speakers the moment i plug it into my pc.... how messed up is that...


i turn the volume up and it vanishes and the 2 right channels appear to start pulling there weight...turn the volume down and you can hear it tune into the radio station and some spanish tit starts gibbering away....


seriously...how weird.


now i read alot of reviews on these speakers and everyone came back great... well great for a budget surround sound system anyway... so i purchased these speakers on the backs of these reviews... after this problem i popped along to the logitech website and found that it appears to be a common problem in several of there speaker ranges as there not sheilded properly and have a lovely tendancy to pickup random radio stations lol


this problem is STRAIGHT across the range of logitech speakers..... every set of 5.1 speakers that logitech makes has crappy sheilding...


not only that when ANY electrical appliance was turned on in the house my speakers would "pop" and then start going weird....


i checked the official logitech board out and there are ALOT of people across the world having these problems with every 5.1 speaker set from logitech...


but anyway... the scart lead usually has 3 wires into it... red, yellow, white...


unplug the yellow and red ones and plug them into the amp on the surround sound set....


and the white one can stay in the scart lead and provide the video... but doing it this way means no sound from the T.V

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Cool but now i am going to throw a spanner in the works what when i start using a HD lead for me xbox :(

Does the hd lead go to a normal scart socket on the tv?

If so the above will still be ok as hd is visual rather than audio :))


No i think the HD lead is a totally different connection


Thanks for the info Woogie i have that problem with me creative speakers on my PC sometimes

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Dave, you need to buy a home cinema system, i.e, dvd player, built in amp and sold with speakers which is hd ready.


There are a few around at the moment but theyre £800 up.


There is no point buying a seperate amp and dvd player etc.


My Jamo dvd player with built in digital amp, plays my PS2 games through the optical out of the playstation.


Up to you overall, but decent kit isnt that cheap.


You can get some reasonable cinema systems that arent hd ready, but will play console music.


Just wait till you rev a car engine, like TOCA, through a surround system with active subwoofer. :D

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you wanna buy my complete set up mate??


Kenwood amp 5.1 cost me £500-00


2x Front mission speakers (m72i) nice! - voted best speakers under £200-00 by what hifi when they were new


1x Centre voice rep mission speaker (m3750i)


2x Mission rears (m70i) compact but through one hell of a punch


1 x mission sub only 6 months old..beast!



If your interested ring me 07725565402. whole kit worth over £900-00. make me an offer... I live in Hereford




oh and its optical too so plugs straight into ur 360..I have one too and project goth sounds fecking sweat mate. Loads of bass with the noisy cars... :eek:

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