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My Son, The model :)


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This is great, AJ JUST turned 10 month, and is already earning £70 an hour on photoshoots :O :O :O

So we're sticking £50 from every hour in his savings, and having £20 for ourself

We only went for a few artistic photos to be put on a canvas and a few other stuff like keyrings/memory stuff.....and the women was that impressed she wanted to take him on under her wing and follow his growth through childhood ETC

Professional company, well known, got contract drawn up and copyright stuff ETC and i've shown them to my dads mate who's a legal secretary and all's fine :)

Bloody great news for him this....and he doesn;t even know


Few pics from his first shoot






Maybe appearing on pampers shortly HAHAH

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Nice one Aaron. I can AJ loves the camera already! :thumb:


My middle son, also Aaron, used to model for Toys R Us getting £100 per hour. He's still on one of the boxes from 6 years ago!

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