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Got a quote and booked her in...


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:vangry: After arranging the finances I popped into Autobody Styling to get a quote on fitting the cossie arches and sideskirts, and rear spats. They were asking £850 (not bad!). On top of that I'm having the doors delocked (+£100) and the boot debadged (+£50) and the exterior completely resprayed in Panther black instead of Ash (+£250) making a total of £1250.


Only problem is they're fully booked until 24th March!!! :( But I don't trust anyone else in my area to do as good a job so I've booked it in for then. I guess it gives me time to sort out 18's, the interior trim and an exhaust...


Ah well. My birthday's in March so I guess it'll be like a belated birthday pressie. At least it'll be ready in time for the show season anyway.



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Cheers for the comments.. I can't wait!


900ss: It has a WRC spoiler as in the pic (to go with the WRC front bumper). If you mean the rear bumper, I haven't seen any cossie ones for the mk6 that actually look like the real thing, so I'll just put some spats on my current bumper.

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bloody hell mate thats cheap, u sure the paint quality would be any good? i paid more than that for a full respray up here, not including anything fitted.

Btw you getting the alloy petrol cap bit? :cheers:

They did my cossie vents and the fit 'n finish and the paintjob is great so they've earned my trust. Ab Styling do most of the magazine cars you see in the South Wales area so it's in good hands. 8)


The kit has been modified with a mk6 filler cap so it doesn't need an alloy one so I probably won't bother, seeing how good Cossie Rep's looks.

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