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I'm locked out of my car! :(

Cabrio Zo

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Central locking been dodgy last couple weeks - it opens on the remote central locking but not the key - today the boys down the bottom factory been helpful trying to open my boot for me (some reason wont open all of a sudden) one goes - does it do the doors ok? Locked the door which locked everything and now it wont unlock - the remote key fob is in the car!



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Iam indeed. ;)


I can also tell you've already tried WD40, So I am not going to advise that. :]

Hehehe ;)


Yeah probably a bit like the DIY tool I just used.


I'm in! All I can say is I'm glad its belled up if thats all it takes to get into an Escort... :-/


Thank god for that!! :ghost:



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