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Cool, new models

Mk6 Si Ross

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I think id burn that police car, id love to see it fizzle


as for the trucks hmmmmm id just let them jackknife and kill the transit and close my toy motorway for 15 hours

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:



I take it you never seen the devastation a jack-knifed lorry can cause ;) ;) ;) ?( ?(

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Lorries dont jackknife anymore anyway do they Lee

they definately do mate, you slam them brakes on too hard and the weight shift will twist the cab and be pushed by the trailer with absolutely no control over direction.


doesn`t take much to jacknife in the snow as we saw the other week, one on the M25.


Bad accident M1 north last week, 1 jacknifed, another went into the side of that (its like a solid wall) then another one went up the back of that one ;( ;( ;(

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I used too get my toy cars and put them in the road on hot summers days, theres a matchbox taxi pressed into the road outside my old house you can see its little roof only now...



arh brings back memories


I once set light to my entire Burago car collection in my room and smashed them on to the patio below to try and get that 'just been in an acciedent look' :rolleyes: (if that didnt work i used a hammer :D )


Mum was not happy, as she had bought most of them :))


think ive got one left :(

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a lorry jack knifed and another pummeled into the back of it the other day up here. It was on the Glasgow to Edinburgh road one of the buisiest about. Happened at about 8 was on the radio that people were still trying to get to work at 12 8o and then went on to say they were turning on the motorway and driving up the hard shoulder the wrong way to get to another exit :kill: :madbugger:


A bit boring that information I know but just had to join in :tired:

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