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Vroom Ptsssh vrooooom ptsssh

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insurance is lovely, when i turn 21 in july insurance on an RST goes down from a scary £2490 odd to a much more respectable £1100. Thats just mad


what are these people doing. Oh and i entered the same quote for a girl and it was £100 quid cheaper


And another surprising thing, its more expensive TPF&F then fully comp ?(


i can hear it now...


Vroom Ptsssh Vroooooom Ptssssh


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I think its cos my mate has a standard one and he always went on about how fast it was. So we had a bit of a race down the A10 on the way to Donny South last year, and I caned him :D His excuse was that his turbo was fcuked, and even though it was standard. after a long drive somewhere he'd insist on leaving the bonnet up for a couple of minutes to let it cool down :rolleyes: Look mate it aint a Skyline :roll: I think my hatred for these cars comes from him :devil2:
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