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Ah yes, Operation human Shiled, the bunch of idiots are going to Iraq to stand on buildings to stop em bombing em...................


Um, what they seem to forget is when the get out there, and IF there is a WAR, they is gonna get impressioned and tortued as "enemies of the country."


I mean, who the hell in their right mind does this, and if your some Iraqi soldier, your countrys at war, and a bunch of american / english people come running up to you, and want to hold hands around you to protect you from bombs, you are just gonna have to shoot em.


I mean, christ, what if you wanted to take a Shite or something........


What are they gonna do? Tie themselves to buildings etc? You forget, there aint gonna be any cameras near bagdad till AFTER the war, so they ain't gonna be showing your corpses, especially since the government can switch on a Media Blackout, at will if they choose to relating to a special subject or event..................

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:vangry: :vangry:


A woman I work with is anti-war, she wore a badge with "why war?" written on it the other day, then when I challenged her about it she started off with "Bush and Blair are as bad a sthe terrorists!" :vangry:


Shes as old as my Mum but I swear I nearly twatted her! :vangry:


Aint it good of the protestors employers letting them have the time off work to do this sort of thing......oh yer, I forgot...


THEY DONT HAVE Fcuking JOBS! :vangry:




I reckon, if they go ahead with this "march" thru London, we should shoot the fuckin lot of 'em while theyre all in one place :vangry:


Sorry for gettin lary but IT DOES MY FUCKIN HEAD IN!



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Ah well I reckon seing as they are going to spend 1.75 BILLION POUNDS, on this bloody war, whcih im not 100% for, but can understand why its going to happen (namely the bloody yanks trrying to rule the world, amungst other serious issues). 1.75 Billion, you know that would not only give every person in the uk a hospital bed if needed, but doctors, schools, emergency services, equipment, roasd and so many other things its unbeleivable................


Ugh, its a bad subject for me, im no, but at the same time im a bit yes cause of the fear of his weapons of destruction, but then again, we all know that America has even worse ones...........

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the reason we are goign to war is coz blair got his head so far up bushs arse he cant get out


bush is going to finish what his dad couldnt


bush wants to rule the world its simple :vangry: :vangry:


f*ckin americans they take the p*ss!!


and if it is all out weapons of mass destruction wtf we waiting for !!!


i agree with Heero Yuy we could use that on other things

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This is a FACT...........Fcuking so called 'Do Gooders' WILL ruin this country.


My children are part of OUR future,why should we let them suffer at the hands of these dictatorship countries? We must deal with the threat NOW........nip it in the bud.


x: Do gooders!! :vangry: Al.

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its too late

we are now on America's side so now number 2 only after America on the Terrorist hit list :upyours:

Lets take them and their alies out before they get us :devil:


And if anyones dull enough to stand in front of some bloke with an AK47 a tank or rocket launcher then the better bend over and kiss their arse goodbye :thing:

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