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what do you think of this?


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yeah it looked good in my head but i know what you mean about not looking quite right. if i did it i would obviously lower it, and it would be on 17's. any chance of someone photoshoping an approx 40mm drop on it for me? appreciated.



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You guys know what I think about multi-spokes! :D


I would say go for it mate - not many people have them on Escorts! I think I'm one of the only ones aren't I?


As well as looking cool IMO they also look mint when you're driving along! :thumb:


Multispokes dont work? I certainly reckon they do:



Agreed :thumb:

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Hmmmm i'm not sure.....think i prefer the ones you have already, maybe get them done in white :unsure:


I with you on this cjdonnys white mondys will suit this down to the ground and he may still be selling them ,Hate cleaning multi spokes too very very tedious


+1 :thumb:

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