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My new Mk5 Escort...............


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Caroline thought i might like this.....................


Secretly deep down, i think she just wanted her hands on the GTi. So i'll be bringing this to FF now and she will have the GTi........


Early, non-lux with the oh so lovely hex interior. Massive folder full of stuff, rebuilt 11k ago at A1 rallye sport. (£3k). Now has Mahle pistons and a load of nice goodies. I need to find out more info yet, but the car is running just over 300bhp according to the last RR, but was 370 the year before. Car drives like a dream and there's nothing like the surge and sound of a YB!


Got to say, it will be staying standard in the looks department!













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Very nice mate wish i had a lady like yours all mine keeps talking about is a new kitchen


Funny you mention that, i just installed one for her!!!


Thats amazing mate. The man making love to it at Ford Fair will be me :thumb:

Im still trying to work out the Clifford and the tracker mate! The perimeter alarm is kinda sensitive so if you try and make love to it, everybody will know :cheers:

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