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Shocking news


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well last night,


i get home, just bout to get into bed, and i have a missed called off my cousin, who i dont see alot, but do now and then, then the house phone rings, and its her again, in bits crying and shaking, which scared me,


her dad (my uncle) had been stabbed, 3 times, puntucerd both his lungs, and his spline, by some T*at in a pub, apparently he also stabbed 2 other people! (The Dominion in Glenfield it happened)


now im home alone at the mo, for around a month, as my mum / dad / sister have gone spain, was trying to contact them but nothing got through, got so frustrated, and really didnt no what to do :(


but now ive finally got in contact, with my dad, and hes flying back today, along with mum to go see my uncle in hospital


my uncles alrite, he cant breath for himself at the minute, hes on a machine, i just cant beleve this happened, so close to home, and to my family, really isnt safe these days!


am proper gutted :(

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I hope the guilty party gets what they deserve in return. I can never understand why someone would want to ruin another persons life. We only get one shot at it so why do others have to spoil it... Hope your uncle gets better..
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see this is what i dont get... what did the stabber gain from this.. NOTHING. i really dont understand .. i just really dont.


Hey glad you contacted your parents. they always seem to know what to say and do.,

keep us updated on your uncles recovery :)

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