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Right then, own up!!!!


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What is the cost of fuel around your way then.



Here it is,


@ Tesco 126.9 for diesel, 116.9 for Petrol

@ Morrison's and Esso 129.9 for diesel and 117.9 for Petrol

@ Asda it is, according to a mate, 111.9 for Petrol and 119.9 for diesel.


Happy days :drunk:























But i do await the Gordan Brown's increase in October :vangry:

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111.9p at asda chandlers ford. thats a trip out.


the rest are still around 117.9p.


5 cheapest stations within 5 miles of "My home" for Unleaded...


Station : Asda Eastleigh

Address : Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3YJ

Brand : Asda

Distance : 4.58

Price : 111.9p

Updated : 31-07-2008


Station : Tcs Clock

Address : Chilworth Roundabout, Chilworth, Southampton, SO16 7LQ

Brand : Total

Distance : 3.1

Price : 113.9p

Updated : 31-07-2008


Station : Baddesley Service Station

Address : Botley Road, North Baddesley, Southampton, SO52 9DU

Brand : Total

Distance : 4.05

Price : 113.9p

Updated : 31-07-2008


Station : Totton Service Station

Address : Ringwood Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 8DD

Brand : Esso

Distance : 3.69

Price : 114.9p

Updated : 30-07-2008


Station : Tesco Southampton

Address : William Macleod Way, Southampton, SO16 4XE

Brand : Tesco

Distance : 0.52

Price : 115.9p

Updated : 31-07-2008


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119.9 for 97 (Texaco) or 99 (Tesco)


Been running on higher octane for months now. defiantly a difference... No more power but more response, smoother and more economical (The extra mileage is outweighing the cost! :D)


112.9 for 95


Don't bother looking at Diesel but I think it was about 125.9 last time I looked.

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