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Just a hopeful question really, is anyone aware of a decent Sat Nav unit i could get hold of for about £80?


Only reason i ask is that my parents wanted to get me an ipod adapter for xmas, but i think i am going to go down the aux route after xmas, so they suggested perhaps a Sat Nav instead.


Any help would be appreciated!


I am thinking of this one:



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I've had the road angel 6000 & 7000 sat navs for camera's ect they were brilliant, but for directions they would keep telling you to go right no matter what. I have had numerous problems with them and have sent them back many times. So my advise would be stay clear of them for navigation.


I now have a Tom Tom and rate it highly couldnt fault it as of yet. :thumb:

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Make sure you buy one with a SD slot at the very least otherwise you will be pretty much limited by the on-board memory when it comes to upgrades especially with the Tomtom.


Its very possible to even have the older 500 series (and even previous) running the latest software/maps of the 900 series with lane assist and all the extras.

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