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whats my car worth??


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i got layed of work couple of months ago i cant afford to tax or mot my car at the end of this month


so its got no tax or mot


its a 1.8 TD lx

full si interior

and apart from that standard!


it has a few lil car park dings but can hardly see them

a crack on the back bumper where i reversed it into a bollard!!

130K on the clock

loads of history with old mots and tax disks

recentish cambelt change


drivers door lock wont open the car but will lock it, passenger lock is fine

and ignition key is a lil worn and sometimes ya have to wiggle it to get it to turn!


so whats it worth?

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haha all seriously please! :rolleyes:


I wasnt being totaly not serious if im honest, with no tax or mot & the damage plus mileage & key problems im afraid it just wouldnt interest me when theres so many around without these problems mate. (and i adore curly wurly's)


£600 :thumb:



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