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lots of bits Ghia parts etc


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1) footwell lighting kit SOLD


2) Puma handles £5




3) pair of escort mk6 exterior moondust silver handles £10




4) Ghia map lights £5




5) Escort Mk6 one touch relay SOLD


6) Escort MK6 / Puma white digi dials SOLD


7) fog light bulb holder, (and bulb i think) essesential for wiring in that second rear fog light SOLD


8.) Escort Ghia rear number plate trim for estate SOLD


9) 6 speed stalks wth rear wash wipe etc £20










10) ghia interior handles SOLD


11) Passenger side fog light £10 posted







few more when can think! prices inc p&p, paypal via gift prefered :-) PM me for details & questions.... check my feedback for piece of mind :thumb:


prices are post inc all costs :cheers:

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hi mate,

i am interested in the ghia maplight and the chrome door handles...only in cov so maybe could collect...

cheers paul stainer...


would rather stick it in the post, as a little busy at the moment? or guess could sort something out an evening? PM me



Don't suppose you'd be able to get any more Pooma handles John?


How many you after? I have 4, 2 of which waiting to hear back if someone wants a pair......


can always look out for them,

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