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So.. Whats the Deal with White Dials


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Defo prefer white dials i had the black ones in my old scort, and in my new one the white ones, i always wanted the white ones in my old one but now i got the white ones and i got the bulbs changed to red too (thanks charley!) so got rid of that nasty ford green :D lol



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You know what.. Im with you. And not just for the sake of being different. I think they're too harsher contrast to the rest of the dash! Much prefer my black dials :thumb:


Need to change the colour of the lights tho.. I dont like the green!


I was thinking it was going to be me all on my own completely for a minute.

And i also agree with the lights.

Just because i dont like the white dials, does not mean i love the green the black ones give off.


Im maybe a bit weird, i dont like anything standing out TOO much.

If theres nothing white, and suddenly white dials on a black dash with black interior... well anyway...


I am finding myself being very careful what i say so as not to upet the full force of evo lol


Hope im not upsetting any of you on here :P

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