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HD via an aerial


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thought analoge had already been cut off?



The digital switchover has already started and ends around 2012. The dates for switchover are as follows:


Border has already started and finishes in 2009

West Country starts in April 2009 and finishes in September 2009

Granada switches in 2009

Wales starts in August 2009 and finishes in 2010

STV North switches in 2010

STV Central switches between 2010 and 2011

West switches between 2010 and 2011

Channel Islands switch in 2010

Central, Yorkshire and Anglia switch in 2011

Meridian switches between 2011 and 2012

London switches in 2012

Tyne Tees and Ulster switch in 2012

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BT vision has HD on demand though doesnt it.. so u pay 5 quid,wait a few hours and then a HD film is on ur hard drive ready to watch..altho u only have it on ur hard drive for 48 hours or something...may aswell buy the film on Blueray


Yeah i did that the other day, i have to say i wasn't that impressed with the quality compared to blu-ray as the Vbox can only cope with 720p or 1080i compared to 1080p 24p i get from my PS3 (sorry for going off topic slightly)

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