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Media backs £2,000 car scrapping scheme


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The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) proposed the ‘Scrappage Incentive Scheme,’ which is already active in several European countries.


Under the proposed scheme, the Government will pay owners of cars over nine years old £2,000 towards the cost of buying a new car if they agree to scrap their old vehicle.

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They have been doing this in Germany for a few months, Basically take ion any 9yr or older car, buy a new car and bish bash bosh £2000 in ya pocket or towards the new car.


2 reasons behind this, gets the economy moving for car sales and also the average new car has less emissions and thus kinda to the environment.

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whereas the sheer volumne of emissions etc wasted in scrapping a working car and making another one is ultimately bad for the enviroment! Most of us who drive older cars do it because we can't afford a brand new one, but £2000 isn't going to buy a new car.... plus there'll be a catch


stupid cnuts that decided this :rolleyes:

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