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look what i got and a question about it?


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(already stripped masked and being painting to match my engine lol)


question is, throttle bodies are all nice and smooth internally, but the manifold isnt, should i go at the inside of the manifold with a dremel to smotth all the rough bumps out and make it smooth?


Also can yo ufit a MS ecu in the engine bay or will it be to bumpy and hot for it in there? Obviously fitted on the side high up away from rain and the engine

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cheers stu clears all that up, thanks ;)


guess that makes sense about the tubulance and im sure i read somewhere not to put the ecu in the engine bay but i thought id just 100% clarify


shame to hide it really as it does look rather smart. :(


how much were they beauty's i want some lol


a pretty penny is all i can say. lol


i ordered


- x2 sets of twin bodies

- x4 trumpets

- x4 330cc injectors

- fuel rail

- linkage kit

- MS1 Extra Coded ECU

- 1 Inlet manifold


if your serious about wanting some i got mine from M-Tech Automotive, there web site is cack at the mo but ring them up and they are freindly and knowledgabe bunch ;)

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