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Cuirassy GTi

Chris O

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Mini Update


It's been a little while now, so it's about time I did a mini update to tide you over til I can do a whole load of pics.


Following on from the last update, the new alloys are on the car but I am still waiting on the centres so the pictures can wait til then. I finished skimming the brake discs ready to use and just need to make some spacer brackets and I can begin to fit the brembos hopefully this weekend (weather and energy levels permitting :tired: ).


Recently I fitted my OWENENG Rear Strut brace. My brother Danzetec kindly resprayed it anthracite (well he didn't have a alot of choice really as I sneaked it out while he was doing his alloys :P ). Very pleased with the result :thumb:



Today I finished modifying my magnex backbox by welding on a smaller tail piece from a zetec-s - sleeper stylee :ninja:


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Is that Dan's car to the right? Looks a bit sorry for itself at the moment. :(


Was hoping no-one would notice that, its turning a bit rat :(


Sorry. :( I shall go sit on the Naughty step.


Can we get an update on your car then? seeing we now know what it looks like lol.


(sorry to hijack your thread Chris, Blame your brother with his rat car.) :P

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We had a little photo shoot earlier as the drive was clear - enjoy! :cheers:


Now need to make centres for the Speedlines because they are race spec ones (possibly magnesium-alloy :jaw: )











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