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Spec me a computer


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Hey all, looking to build a new computer but can't be sure what components will work with what. All I know is my budget is no more than £400.


These are the parts I've specced, will this work.? If not what parts should I change for what?



Arianet 1004 Black Gaming Case, 14cm Front Fan, Side Window, inc Colour Fans (No PSU)

1x £26.84

Samsung HD502HI 500GB EcoGreen F2 3.5" SATA II Hard Drive -OEM

1x £36.25

Arianet Black 480W "Silent Gaming PSU" ATX Power Supply for AMD and Intel Motherboards 20Pin + 4Pin

1x £19.96

ASUS Wireless 54Mbps 802.11g, PCI Adaptor - PCI-G31

1x £18.44

Gigabyte GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI-Express Graphics Card

1x £25.84

AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 240 2.80GHz (Socket AM3) Processor - Retail

1x £44.64

Asus M2N68 Plus nForce 630a (Socket AM2+) DDR2 Motherboard

1x £36.41

Arianet Elite 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit

1x £70.49


1x £79.89

Total: (inc. VAT) £358.75





Sony 24x Internal DVDRW SATA Black oem

1x £15.62

Total: (inc. VAT) £374.37

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Fairly low spec. You could probably pick something similar up from Dell or the likes for the same price or cheaper.


The reason I specced the above computer is to show the missus how much of a rip off her catalogue is (we need a computer now, but were not paying 600 quid for the above system)so i specced a 600 quid computer from littlewoods and obviously got the price pretty much halfed, with improvements made and the OS changed.


I'd like a slightly higher spec than the one I've made but cant go over 400 quid really, Hard drive size isnt really important, wireless is essential, as is a graphics card

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graphics card not too good and proccesser is shite.

if u would like some help give me a price and ill tell u a good set up and even build ya a gooden too as i get quite a few bits on trade.



Price is 400, only need a tower, already got a keyboard and monitor etc.

a)What would you buy with the cash if you were me (for me to build)

b)What would you build for me for that price


I'd rather buy a Dell than the cheapest of the cheap generic parts.


What makes you so sure the power supplies and RAM inside dells is better than generic crap? And ive never had any problems from the generic crap ram i fitted in my current tower. So long as the mobo and processor is a good make, which is it,thats all that matters no

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no point building your own as the supplier buy in so much bulk its hardly worth trying to beat their price. buy a pc from ebuyer without an operating system. that will knock £100 off the price. then stick a operating system on yourself



AMD Athlon II X4 620



ATI Radeon 5750

No Operating System

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I'd rather buy a Dell than the cheapest of the cheap generic parts.

Ugh, Dell... Mass produced, un-upgradable shite...


"Let's upgrade the cpu... oh, I have to change the motherboard to do so... oh, any retail motherboard will not fit in the case... oh, I have to buy a new PC".... Grrr :pancake:


Now HP... They know how to build a PC... And they think of upgrade options for the future.


Personally I think if your comfortable in building a new PC... build your own!

Overall you'll get a decent deal for your money... plus you know exactly what's in it... making future repairs/upgrades a breeze! :thumb:


Your spec seems ok for general purpose! I'd recommend looking at Intel options over AMD at the minute... AMD cpu's have just seemed shite over the last 2 years.

And I'd look at a slightly higher spec graphics card... If you had exactly £400 burning in your pocket and the project came to £370 including a budget graphics card(say £20), I'd swap the budget (£20) card for the best £50 card I could find... :thumb:

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I'd rather buy a Dell than the cheapest of the cheap generic parts.

Ugh, Dell... Mass produced, un-upgradable shite...


Eventually you may realise that it's not so much of an upgrade when you practicaly replace all of the parts anyway (which is what tends to happen over the typical 3-5 year upgrade lifecycle).


What's wrong with mass produced?! That's a bizarre argument.

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buying parts seperate are much better than the crap dell charge for a basic setup for £400.

and as above when it comes to upgradeing ya not gana be able to upgrade much when it comes to a prebuild £400 tower from dell.

What are you thinking of spending?

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