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Is there such companies in the UK


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That make Replica/Copy alloy wheels?


Simple reason is because I recieved this email from USautomotive regarding some OEM replacement alloys for the truck:


From: Tracy Perks [mailto:us-automotive@********.com]

Sent: 25 February 2010 09:19

To: Martin James

Subject: USAutomotive






Following our conversation I can now give you a price for the wheels as requested.



Vehicle –


2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson


VIN - 1*************1



Parts – OE Ford replacement chrome alloy wheels - £1398.00 each



All prices are plus VAT. When importing wheels we would prefer they were collected from our warehouse in Bedford so you can check the wheels before they leave us.












There is no way I am paying £1398 PER WHEEL, I would sooner have the truck running on steel wheels. :mellow:


is there any companies in the UK that do Replica's?


If this should be in the alloy secion I apologise, please move, I just assumed this would be a request about a shop rather than the alloys themselves lol.


These are the expensive Culprits:



They are all Kerbed, the Chrome is tearing off the wheels with this wonderful british weather, and I can not find a UK company that does PROPER chroming, they just do something close to chrome. :(

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The chrome will always come off, it's a crap and useless finish on a car. Pick a different finish if you want it to last. Soe chrome-effect paint might be a reasonable compromise.


Hmmm, Ok. What different finishes would you reccommend Stu? Reason I wanted chrome again is because I want to keep the truck as OEM as possible. :)

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Roughly about £70 per wheel mate. :)


Oh, and that is without price for refurb as well, the companies I have tried have said depends on how much damage to wheels for price on refurb?


Martin said he has only ever kerbed one wheel, as I have as well.... all I can say is Andrew Flintoff can not drive well.


He got the truck new from canada, and the wheels are a bit of a state actually..... :rolleyes:

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This company do AMAZING refurbs! they can even do a two tone wheel to match your truck!


the owner is a really nice bloke as well!


Might be a bit far for you though, im not sure if they have other locations. BUT, you could crash on my sofa as they are just round the corner from mine.



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Cheers fella, but I have already tried them, there garage is next to Bentley in Manchester. :thumb:


Bauer Miller use them for there cars, I will give them another try though, because they do have alot of good reviews.


They can do a proper chrome finish as well.


I have heard nothing but good things about them and every garage and car showroom around here uses them.


There unit here is HUGE, there example wheels are out of this world, i once needed a wheel stripping and they dipped it for £5!

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