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The FARCE show

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actually it didnt start off bad at all! video evidence!......





that must have been phil and stoney ! :roll:



well it seems stayin at home jtagin my 360 was the better choice :D



phil after you have sorted your car my van looks like that but x10! al put the kettle on :roll:



if i am cleaning your van then you are going to have tosupply more than puttting the kettle on


Cant we all have a chip in for Wain and Co?


Nearly everyone that has been to a meet has taken advantage of there amazing hospitality and service!!


I'm willing to chip in a fiver and im sure others wouldnt mind?!?



i will chip in more than a fiver due to them bringing everything down all last year and will be dropping it on friday

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Santa Pod unfortunately hosts some proper chav events, attracting all levels of peasant scrotes. I think it was the USC show last year where the fields were left like a nuclear fall-out site. Absolutely disgusting.



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my cars getting cleaned at the weekend, theres hours of cleaning ahead :(


the most fun i had was playing in the carpark. it is a shame as i think the conditions and the sttand ruined what could have been an ok first show of the year.


any news on complaint trig?

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ok trig cheers.


basically from my point of view tho:


left gazzeebo about 10-10:30 came back 11:30-12ish to find the gazzeebo untied and mangled, (were marks in moisture on stoneys car where they had leaned on it to untie guide ropes and the knot i did on dannys wheel was that tight they had to cut the rope) the chiller bags, food, drinks and plastic box holding food and seats that WAS int he corner of gazzebo was moved intot eh middle and the BBQ that was ont he floor was tipped over the stuff, also danny 1987's car had been keyed full length.

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Thanks, I want to be sure of what Im saying when I get in touch with them.



thats fair enough, cant see you getting anything fromt hem tho as on the tickets it says they will take responsibility for absolutely nothing :( pluss no refunds for cancellatons so i bet even money back for not getting on the stand will be near impossible :(


it was all wayne and carolines stuff that got burnt to. :(

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