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The FARCE show

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glad i didnt have any suspension in my car then :P

once got my car looking better will be attending some shows hopefully on evo stands :)


and in fairness to trig, he is a good organiser. the rolling road in feb was a good meet just let down by lack of attendees, which wasn't trigs fault

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It was nice to see the usual suspects....You all looked mega happy when i bumped into you :roll: :roll:


The stand looked good, i was parked just up from you on my own stand in whats also sometimes known as the car park lol....I tell you what, just randomly turning up on the day is the future, no washing the car, no early start lol....


I didn't have to bad of a day, despite you all trying to tell me how shit it was when i had just turned up lol....I would of been pissed off in your shoe's though tbh. There was plenty of Chav's to laugh at and you were right about the ladies on show, i even spotted a mother/daughter duo :roll: Did anyone see the Seat Ibiza crash into the wall on the strip, whilst trying to avoid the RX7 which was spinning?


We stopped for a few hours, laughed at chav's then fucked off and called in at Jct28 on way home so i could have a look around a couple of Focus RS's and drool, i should of just gone straight there lol. Nah was an ok day but i can deffo understand your frustration coming from someone who has actually done alot of shows, getting your car all cleaned up ready etc....


Seen some right dodgey characters on way home too....Wondered why the hell a truck was flashing its hazards at me, i still didnt work it out whilst i was going past :roll: :roll:

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Just got back from Pod, it was nice to meet most of you today at the meet point this morning :thumb: i had an alright day after loosing everyone in the long queue up the road and in pod its self ended up at the side of the show and shine stand. Tbh i was expecting the muddy road but wasent expecting the pod to be so out of place worst organised show pod has ever hosted imo.
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All I can say is I was Extremely fucked off that after spending about 4 hours washing, drying polishing my truck ready for the show.. to be sent to a Fcuking muddy field!!!! and nearly get stuck, and cover the truck in absolute crap... REALLY boiled my blood.


well fucked off that it was my first EVO show ever, and Santa Pod fucked us over and would not let us get to the stand when we arrived.


I am sorry I said Fcuk so much but it really did upset me and it was an absolute let down..... (not on EVO's side, its 110% SantaPod's fault)




Only plus note is some cars looked fantastic, drag strip was great, got a great photo of my truck when it was CLEAN upon entering...


and I managed to slip through with the truck and park it near the MG stand... so it was on show for people to see.... f**k leaving it on the muddy field..... :)

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so say you had five people pay and you need ten would those five be refunded in full


of course, if we can't have a club stand then what is there for me to do


Lee R, it was a great show last year, it's what you make of it, not whether it's attended by Chavs or not

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Met up with the other lads didnt realise what had gone on the night before ,sorry to hear that lads scumbags :vangry: Me and rach didnt have a bad day ,dont hold trig responsible ,cant help weather or the organisation at santa pod ,yeh it was muddy but been to a lot worse ,yeh it was funny to see the smashed up astras but if you are going to drive like a ars**ole then you deserve it ,dont drive to close ,anyway heres a few photos and a couple for mykez ,with the scrat :thumb:





























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ok i best get involved here - start off by sayin was great meeting all the people i met but im gutted that im useless with remembering names and trying to remember 2 per person (foraum name too) iv got no chance so would relly appreciate anyone who met me to just send me a quick pm to say hello,


Would have been better if we all got together as a group for longer is the most i can say as you guys all seemed a good bunch of people and was just hard for me trying to be evrywhere at once lol


anyway, my day started on sat morning after no sleep leaving at 5 am so my convoy could get the best spot on the "camping field".. i turned up at wellingborough just before 8 with them at the tescos and they all left me soon after to go and get the spaces whilst i met trig for my tickets.....lol come nearly 12 when i was sick of counting the cars in tescos carpark and thinking about my mates all in the campsite, tents set up with the bbq on the go and still not being able to get hold of trig i decided i would attempt to talk my way in at the santa pod gate claiming my forum has my ticket...did it work???? no! so got the phonecall from trig when he woke up (he did have a valid reason for overlaying so wont hold a grudge) and was in the pod within another half hour.


from there on its all been explained how bad the conditions were no point me repeating them i couldnt make it to the "Stand" anyway due to the oncoming double lane traffic so dumped my car and went to the show...waited ages for the cossie powered rs turbo fiesta to go up the strip and it went bang!!! just couldnt get much worse.. in comparison with last year and my expectations it was crap!


had no idea any of your stuff was vandalised too hope you got it all back and not too much damage was caused


once again..nice meeting those i did :D

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