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Looky at what i've got to play on whenever i want now :D


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Not sure whether the co-ordinates will work properly in a link but if not go to google maps/earth and type in +51° 42' 53.18", -5° 11' 38.71" (51.714772, -5.194087)





if i've buggered it up you may need to zoom in :)


EDIT: Zoom in on the arrow....

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Is there not a green arrow you can zoom in on?


should be on the west of the welsh coast...ish....


What are we looking for? Its just an arrow over green open space?


its an Airfield with a track around it :D


tank of fuel...... an Si and a GTi...... Camcorder, few hours..... Bliss :D

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Sure after a few slow laps you'll get to learn where all the defects are :thumb:


breaking the red one anyway so dare say it'll be that one i'll be hooning about in...... its a tad quicker than the white one too....


white one will only go so i can get some decent pics i thinks.....

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