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blackpool 10

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firstly dissapointed about the poor turn out and no doubt excuses will follow

secondly p****ed off about the fact that one of my headlights got smashed on the way into blackpool but it will repair
wheather was crap but coped with that

got there about 9.00am after finding out that jct26 m62 was closed so had to divert but finally got onto the motor way
with the weather been crap so was the joirney half the time couldnt see anything and it didnt let off till this afternoon

was a particularly bad show just the weather put a downer on it

and rosy's cafe that we went when you ask for a small breakfast you got one
(1 bacon 1 sausage and 1 egg)

did take some pics so just uploading them to computer now

firstly broken headlight


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Yep a very wet day indeed. Nice coffee and bacon at rosies (she's a little stunned that Rosie chick), still in Blackpool now in a nice hotel I found. Great to see you all and thanks for braving the weather, true heroes, that motorway was lethal today. Right I'm off to get a drink. And yes the purple cab is mine marshy lol.
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stone flicked up by a car passing me and took it out i think


Fcuk me how unlucky can you get. where would you be able to pic up replacement lenses for these?



you can buy new lamp units on ebay for £30 but i have a spare


the light is almost repared just need to build it all back up

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i too had brekkie at rossie's was a little worried that rosie looked more like jim than rossie tbh and that every one else in that cafe at 8.30 in the morning looked like complete depressheads, so needless to say after my large ( well supposably anyway ) breakfast did a quick exit. basicaly got pi55 wet thru got that bored looked up were to find nearest halfrauds and wet for a gander. got bored again and decided to do the pleasure beach paid 9 squid for parking to find that its 30 squid each to get in the place ( wat a rip off imo) so didnt bother spent loads in the arcades and came home for a bout 5 ish.


both me and gonzoo was that pi55ed off that the day was crap went to oiur local meet at mfn for end of year dooooo and it was megga bout 1000 cars turned up of all varieties pole dancers wearing very little and at some points less than very little ( excuse the spelling as my vision is still impared !! :roll: ) so had a gd end to the day got bk about 11 ish so megga long day :cheers:

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Arron, i told you it was Fcuking expensive at the Pleasure beach lol. Was good to see you dude and have a laugh :thumb:


Weather was properly dreadful which ruined the day really. I've not long since got back, as i've been down in Cleveleys, it was quite dry today with just the odd shower...Typical!!


Seen the 3 Evo car's parked up and spotted a few of you as i drove through...

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