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Audi S2 Coupe - 2.2 20v Turbo


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You'll know by now that I can't take a decent photo, and my first pics of a car are usually terrible. No change here :) Sorry the photos are in the driveway, but the battery is dead and if I parked it on the street for photos there's no guarantee it'd start again without a jump.
















I'm not going to lie, it's a bit rough, but for the price I paid it was always going to be a rolling project.


The battery is dead and not holding charge.

There's a deep scratch to the bonnet, scuffs to one wing and rust to another. All 3 will need repaired and painted or replaced.

Rev counter and temp gauge not working (which is fun when the car is silent and you're trying to stop it stalling at junctions!)

There's a wheel bearing esque noise and vibration which I think will be the prop centre bearing due to where the noise is coming from and I can feel it through the gearstick.

Not sure it's quite making power, possible boost leak or slipping clutch, but hard to tell when I had no rev gauge and I've never driven and S2 before.


Will get it up on ramps over the next two weekends with my mechanic friend to see what it needs. It had been standing for a number of years (owned by an elderly gentleman who was ill, was the story I was told) before it was MOTd 2 years ago, driven for a year then laid up for another year, before being (questionably....) MOTd again recently.


My first turbo car and what a change from my 2.0 8v coupe. My driving style will have to change significantly! It's so smooth and silent and I'm used to using the low down torque of my 8v and rarely going above 4k (because there's nothing there). Obviously the complete opposite with the S2.


Updates as and when they happen.

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Like the plate - seems familiar, can't put my finger on it. :glare:


You do make it sound quite bad, I hope you haven't paid £3k for it as it was on pistonheads.


1.8 20V conversion is I suppose being "postponed", right ? :innocent:


It's been sat for a while, so it needs driven. It's also 21 years old. Considering those, it's a great car, but it's not up to my standards yet :)


I've never seen it on pistonheads, but it was £2.8k on gumtree. These, with no tax or test, go for £2.5k if either the shell or engine are any good. I never paid that much.


Lol, 1.8t engine will be sold. There were two main factors to the S2 purchase. 1) 4WD 2) If I invested a grand or so in an engine conversion I'd still be left with a £1k car. The S2 should never go down in price unless it's significantly damaged.

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