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Finally! Got the keys!

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After months and months of waiting for the council to accept the change of useage and the owners to find the keys they lost, we're all paid up and regardless of if we got the keys today, we were going in there!


Got some pictures, of course.






Both the units are ours and they join together at the back of the building.


We plan to have the left hand side (the tall roof side) for the ramp(s) and the right hand side for engine building, project cars and the upstairs offices and storage.





Right hand side, bottom floor.




Right hand side, bottom floor.




Right hand side, bottom floor.








Right hand side upstairs offices.




Left hand side bottom floor.




Left hand side bottom floor.




Left hand side bottom floor.




Kitchen one.




Kitchen two.




Left hand side upstairs offices, which will probably come down to allow the ramp(s) to go in.




You can't believe how excited i am, i can't wait to be settled in there, with the workshop how we want it, it's gonna be the Balls.



It will have a reception as you walk inside the door, with pictures of the cars, laurels and trophies dotted around the place. Also a TV with something or other playing on it. With magazines of the cars we've done etc inside. Also an achievements list and a flip through book of all the cars we've built, developed and raced.


Can't fooking wait. Mikes gonna be moving some stuff in tomorrow whilst we're building Gary's.

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Like a kid at Christmas. Looks like a really good place, especially when you set it all up to how you want.

Bloody was! Aye! More than enough room for us! Seem to have good neighbours too, one came over to say hello (it was late so he was the only one there lol) Lots of security too, two big gates, then the shutter doors and alarm system! Very posh!


Even got air conditioning!


My favourite bit about it is that it will have a sealed, dust free engine build room! :)


Just to add, if any of you facebookers wanna 'like' the page, i'd appreciate it :P



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looks like a new professional start to the business and no doubt you'll get more business seeing that you got yourself a good place! surely you could squeeze a small parts spray booth in there too lol

Lol, we've started and stopped many of times over the years.


Haha, Pa did say i need a parts spray booth.


Just turn one of that offices into a bedroom, that would be my ideal home! :roll:

I'd love it! Doors are a bit rattly in the wind though!

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very, very, nice, not jealous at all :innocent: so will will not be hearing any excusses, about how slow projects are taking now will we :innocent: :pancake: think you two will be having lots of fun in there, enjoy :thumb:

Don't know if im'a get paid there yet either! Too much of a sissy to ask family for money.




Looks ideal that, where abouts is it?

It's mega. Umm, opposite the Mercedes garage down Pevensey and Westham, or, near the Post Office Depo, behind that digger plant.






Ol' Nelson likes the new place.

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