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dalelc16's white escort


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not many people do have coilovers as they aren't a comfortable ride for daily use but if you can get used to it then i'm sure if you speak to gaz directly they can set you up with a decent gaz set and talk you through spring rates etc. avo coilovers are good but I have seen that they can leak oil and break easy at the adjusters which a good service can replace. if you want to go really low I know spax coilovers go as low as -100mm and filled with krypton gas.


I know stu on here recommends bilstein or deals in them but again they are good brand too. like I said it does depend on what you want out of them and what you can afford

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fitting wise pretty easy in comparison to putting springs under compression to fit to a shock. but setting them correctly not so much. the manufacturers say how much the coilovers lower the car to so say for example the kit lowers from 30-70mm the top of the thread on the shock will be the 30mm point and the bottom is 70mm, so you can measure it and set up all the coils at the same time before fitting I would advise you look to get new top mounts and fittings before you do just incase as you might as well whilst its all dismantled!
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Hi all,

Over the last few weekends, iv been cutting out any rust from under the car.


It wasn't good news when I started.


Had to drop rear axel,both side skirts tank and exhaust.


Driver side sill was really rust, so replaced the whole sill.


Passanger side sill rust wasn't to bad and we welded a part of a new sill on.


Passanger rear chassis had some really bad welding done,in the past. so cut it all out and replaced with new.


driver side rear chassis had a little hole which we plated and welded up.


I had the rear axle powder coated in black.


New shocks


Iv now starting to put back together, just need to fit bumper and side skirts and a deep clean.


Now all solid. That's the good news

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