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F***ing Insurance companies


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Spent the last two days phoning round for insurance which is due in a couple of weeks and I know feel like a robot what with the Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No, No answers :O


Breakdown of what I've had so far


AA £1297

Quoteline £835

Fastrack £796

P/Direct £743 (inc. club discount)

D/Line £708

Elephant £672

Admiral £649

Bell £623

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£607 from Flux :P Once I told CIA what Flux had quoted they didnt even bother puttind the info through and just said 'I'd take that Sir' :rolleyes: I'll give it one more day to try and lower it furthur, I'm waiting for a female operator they like a bit of the old charm ;)
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"AA £1297"




"FLUX £607"


Ahem, I think that pretty much says it all, definatly worth shopping around for all the best quotes and playing the companies against them!


Pete, how many years no claims, points etc you got, as my renuial is in 4 months, and im working out now trying to get a decent quote!

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Heero I've got 5 yrs no claims :)


I always shop around and phone at least 10 companies, some of them will always try and beat a quote. We'll see what happens tomorrow :P Might even be worth trying some of the high street companies now I'm getting on a bit :tongue:

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