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LOL forgot to post this, anybody saw the adverts for the new 'warm sensation' KY jelly??? lol


free samples at this addy tee hee, bin havin fun sending it to the old grannies and m8s mams hahahah


ah, so that's where it's from, Jackie told me she ordered some earlier :thumb:

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WOO HOO Tell nat to pucker up!


which hole?!!!!! :D :D :D


(sorry) X( :D


any hole's a goal :thumb:


if i write a review of this stuff and give it a mark out of 10, will u put it in the product reviews section, Ian? :)

Edited by Mike C
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superb stuff that - saves you having to go through all that 'premoistering the area' crap with your tounge. You can just stick it straight in.  :cheers:


but that's all part of the fun, surely? :baby: :D


and Paul, yeah if ur into that sorta thing, sum1 might cop a surprise package when she sneezes tho! :O

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