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stolen car


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Jesus, i hate that.


Poor guy, but heres hoping, hes got a chance of getting it back!


Worse case, he never see's it again, but................


it might get recovered (witha bit of damage)


it might get written off by joyriders (HANG THE Fcuking SCUM!)


but realisticially its been stolen to order, and striped of most of the engine bits and pieces, that are proabley in another car the far side of the mainland now...............


I really hate to see a classic like the series two get stolen, horrible shame.

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aye, your right there mate.


Stolen to order's such a bitch. int there a way of marking all your stuff with the postcode or something? :(

There is a product which is pretty new there are thousands of pin head size bits of paper which have your unique identifier on it, you then spray it on engine bits (it in like a clear glue stuff) and so on its invisible to naked eye but can be picked up by black light and magnifier. It can then be tracked to you as you register the unique number when you buy the stuff

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