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Powerflow or Magnex


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I'm just about to buy a Full exhaust system (cat back) and I wanna know which one is best.


I want a loud deep growl


I know the Magnex is 4" , but I have heard its quiet?


and the powerflow is whatever I want (maybe 5"?)


anyone had probs with either one?


I've heard powerflow rusts? sounds tinny?


Please help A.S.A.P

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I thought it was illegal for cars made after 1994 not to have a cat?


(how bout that! an intelligent question\statement) :D

oh my god 8o 8o 8o wax you ok :roll: :roll:


Your close its 1992, so all those that remove the cat will need to refit it every time for the MOT :thing:


Seen to many poor looking powerflow systems :(


Magnex is much better

Mongoose :thumb:

Scorpion sound excellent but apparently are a little restrictive (dont know if this is just said to be on turbo cars though) I still reckon it sounds the best.

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get a Tiger exhaust system, thats what ive got.....sounds really amazing......the S/S is better quality than of powerflow, at the garage where i got mine fitted, they showed me a 1 and a half year old powerflow system, the whole thing was rusted, then they showed me a 1 and a half year old tiger system, thing was in good condition.....so im happy with mine :)
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Go for Powerflow, top stuff! I had nice done about 4 months ago, and the more I drive, the better it gets! I breaks in really nicely, get anything you want built, just make sure you get a dealer that other people have been happy with.


I walked straight into mine and asked em to make my 1.4 Escort sound like a V8 at tick over and a single 4 inch polished oval and buy crhist, they did it, if your getting a full system, the world's your oyster!

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