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Ford Fair 2008 Show Report

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just like to say sorry for leaving so soon today but i just felt so ill and i just could not enjoy myself.

it was nice to talk to a few of you and it im glad to see it was a very good turn out and i hope you all ejoyed it.

trig i will send you a pm

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twas a good day...i have loads of pics just trying to upload now.. :rolleyes:

you had a very good turnout :thumb: and sorry but had to pmsl @ you lot trying to set gazebo up while it was bouncing down! :pancake:

mark your car looks sweet as a nut in the flesh ;)

nadine was gonna say hi..but you didnt look like you wanted to get out of your car!!

was great to see the wrc rep out and about again :thumb:

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pmsl...photobucket! :P

steve didnt see your car??

benny you were asleep when i came on stand...thought it best to leave you be! :pancake:



mine was in front of nadines look at the first pic you blind git :roll: .here some pics Bongo for now
















Meekstaaa on the prowl for girls as usual



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Alrite.Just like to say it was a really good day and really enjoyed the 0-60 sprint action :D



Enjoyed the convoy from the coventry meetpoint :thumb:

Wudnt say i was shy just wasnt sure about how i would introduce myself!It was good to meet lee who had his black gti for sale,i was suprised it ant sold looked really mint!

And it was also good to meet kylie!

All in all it was a good day.



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And it was also good to meet kylie!

Thanks Micky it was nice to meet you too.


My first FF visit turned out not as bad as I imagined without the car, met lots of new people and had a great time.


Thanks to everyone who helped me out today in one form or another (you know who you are :ninja: )


Only got a few pics but don't think they're of any importance really so won't put them up.


All in all a great day and greater to meet you all :thumb: :D

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