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escort with monty bumpers???


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Monty = Escort Cosworth Monte Carlo


Mondy = Mondeo


Yes there is an aftermarket kit availible for the escort mk6 that is a replica of the mondeo mk2 RSAP bodykit more commonly known as the ST24 kit. The rear is the ever popular bumper used by many people on this site. And the front is indeed a REPLICA that is made to fit the escort width.


Spot on Kev, here is Neil's


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yeah i must admit when browsing the titles in this forum i saw monty bumpers and thought isnt a monte carlo bumper just the same as the normal cossie bumper except like a limited edition but when i read mondeo i thought hmmm lol,


anyhow so if i brought a mk2 mondeo bumper could i get it to fit without too much hasstle or would it take a LOT of work? as that neils scort looks beefy with it much better then any off the shelf OTT fibre frenzy stuff, i think the st24 is a georgous now classic blue oval

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