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fast and furious 4 london tunnel run


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why is eevry1 a chav nowadays most over used word i have ever heard :vangry:


becaue they don't have long hair :pancake:


the same sort of thing is going down up here the night!!


the falkirk cruise members are putting on a stand outside the cinema in the retail park in falkirk, the peeps with there cars on the stand are getting in for free, quite good eh!!


down up here? lol :drunk:

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Its true that chavvy is an overused word these days....

ive taken 2 of the same cars. corsa being a good example

this one is chavvy and belongs at chavfest



this one looks a bit better and deserves to be branded as a show car. altho im not into the heavy modded scene if the cars are done right then they can pull it off well :)

i think this just pulls it off as the purpose was to have a modified show car, as opposed to buying a bog standard corsa and tarting it up with a sunstrip, seat covers, half a bodykit shitty chavvy steering wheel, rattle can sprayjob and a half eaten happy meal in the passangers door pocket lol :)





I think most will agree?

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