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Why was evo started


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wasn't it to show the 'evolution' of Ians Escort that's not seen the light of day (minues 1/2 shows) for the last 10 years? lol

Indeed it was. :thumb:


Didn't Ian's car get nicked from a pub car park?



No? :unsure:

Its been a long time since that car saw a pub car park I would imagine lol. :pancake:

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Aye the red one was the only one to suffer damage, door needed to be bent back in and it needed a new rear screen.

Red and blue one is in storage along with a new friend for it. I just havent had the time to do the odd few jobs that need doing on it whilst spending time with familly and home improvements on the house. I've been busy with a few french cars too :pancake:

I have on the plus side got all the bits to finish it :pancake:

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