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Wide arch 5 door project

lee grout

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Small update tonight, took apart my mondy calipers today and gave them a sand blasting at work Im really surprised how they came out. Some area's are slightly more 'pitted' than others due the rust being sat on them for 6-7 months while not being used! Not going for a smooth finish though when painted, gona leave it 'textured'.


How they started out.






And how they are now.





Cheers to the guys forgiving me help with the removal of all neccessary parts in order to blast :cheers:

Now got to order a brake painting kit. Going lime green like in the engine bay :thumb:

Also my cosworth skirts should be here next week, I best orde up my replacement sills :(


Any comments welcome. :)

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Ok time for an update. I havnt done one in a while....actually its because I havnt done anything to warrant an update :innocent: Been ill 1 weekend then went away last weekend :vangry: Finally today I've actually done something! Here goes...



My cosworth rep sideskirts and my replacement sills have arrived.




Drivers side is a bit rough along the bottom ( where the jack would sit) Passenger side is prob best to just replace the whole thing.





My bumper all primed ready to go :thumb:


Here we go. All in place, look good to me if I say so myself ;)






Right, now for the rear bumper. Fitted in place with spats tapped in place (just to get an idea)

As it happens I've decided to blend them in.



Here you can see the gap I've got to fill using a donor bumper ;) ( wink wink )



One top down view for good measure.



AH! :vangry: :nutter: :censored: Look what I've found.


Correct me if Im wrong but is this the chassis rail?? Passenger side, needs some attention, Hopefully nothing too major :rolleyes:


Also to follow tomorrow are pics of my painted calipers.


Comments as always. :cheers:


Also forgot to say I removed the exhausts in order to fit the bumper. Was a right touch really, I was prepared to grind them off but on closer inspection found I could undo some clamps and off they came....RESULT :cheers:

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