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Jyujinkai's MK6


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2.1L All Steel, High Compression (12.8:1) Zetec E [R]  Black Top, 237 bhp @ 7675 rpm and 203 lb.ft of torque @ 6595 rpm



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I'm not doubting your, figures etc......but it's hard to believe those figures without even running itb's or a turbo.especially as I have a mate with an all steel 2.3 with jenveys and it makes that power!running very similar compression..no offence intended.Sorry if I've missed something aswell. Edited by bongo
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Engine Spec:


Ford ST170 Block, 308 Grade austenitic steel liners, ARP Head & Main bearing studs, Knife-edged Farndon EN40B Steel Crankshaft, Mahle Motorsport Main Bearings, Farndon EN24v Steel Main Caps, Farndon EN24V Steel H Section con rods, Mahle motorsport HD big end bearings, Ø 87.5mm Accralite Forged Pistons & rings.

Burton CNC machined stage 3 cylinder head, Bronze Guides, 33.5mm/30mm Stainless Steel Valves, Duplex Springs, Titanium Retainers, Kent Cams 32mm Solid followers, Custom Profile Cams, Cometic Multi-shim Head Gasket, Kent Cams vernier pulleys, Kent Cams HD Timing Belt

Dowelled EN8 steel flywheel, ARP Flywheel Bolts, AP Racing Ø184 mm 6 Paddle clutch and cover, aluminium pedal quadrant, MTX75 Gearbox machined to accept Quaife 5 Speed Dog Gear set, Quaife ATB Diff, BM Quikshift, Equal length uprated drive-shafts & CV Joints, Edge gear reduction starter motor.

Abrasive Flow Machined Inlet manifold, Ø 55mm Honed bore throttle body, Roose Racing Induction Pipe, BMC Carbon Dynamic Air-box to direct Ø 75mm Cold Air feed from lower front grill, Port matched fuel rail with 4 Bar regulator and HKS 550cc (Yellow) Injectors. MAF retained for MOT purposes, Ford Racing Hybrid ECU, MSD High Voltage coil pack, Magnecor KV85 HT ignition leads, NGK platinum spark plugs.

Vibra Technic Engine and Gearbox mounts, Raceline alloy wet sump pan, GoldPlug magnetic sump drain plug, OPi external oil pump, 13 Row Mocol Oil Cooler, Custom Carbon Fibre Engine Breather/Oil Catch Tank & Bracket, Sytec uprated in-tank electric fuel pump, ATL Yellow Baffle Foam filled fuel Tank, 13 row Mocol PAS fluid cooler, Samco coolant hoses, Airtec alloy 50mm Cosworth radiator, Airtec uprated Cosworth twin 11" fans.

Abrasive Flow Machined cast iron manifold, Carbon Fibre/Thermo-sheet Manifold Heat Shield. Thermotec Lagged Down-Pipe, Wide-band lamda sensor, Hi-Flow 200 CPI Cat, Magnex Stainless Steel Cat-back System, Real Carbon Fibre skinned slash-cut tail pipe, Powerflex urethane exhaust mounts.


I built the engine myself with technical support from a Ford Dunton test engineer, all machining/fitting was done by myself. The original car was built for standing mile runs, and in its designed format was running 150bhp wetshot nitrous on a 3 stage controlller. unfortunatly the red bodyshell was shortened by 5 inchs by a kia sorento, who tail-ended me at 45 mph, whilst i was stationary at traffic lights. All components were transferred to my current green bodyshell with exception of the nitrous system.


Quoted power figures are without nitrous, and the engine was run-in and mapped on a dyno. so figures quoted are at the flywheel.


No offence taken :)


Engine and gearbox cost around £12K in parts and probably around another £6K for the rest of the components


Brakes & Suspension

Automec Copper Nickel fixed brake lines, Goodridge stainless braided flexible pipes, Non-ABS ST220 master cylinder, Brake pedal & link bar modified to use Delron bearings, Tarox RS2000 Drilled & Grooved Front Discs, RS2000 Callipers with EBC Yellow Stuff pads, EBC Grooved rear Drums with EBC Shoes.

 AVO mono-tube front coil-overs, CompBrake eccentric spherical bearing alloy front top mounts, Fixed steel strut brace, Shouldered titanium mounting hex cap screws and washers, Custom made spherical bearing front wishbones with stainless steel spacers and motorsport dust covers, Powerflex ARB bushes, Rose joint adjustable ARB drop links. Rose joint track rod-ends.

Avo GTZ rear coil-overs, Roller bearing bottom mounts, Custom spherical bearing fixed top mounts, Carbon fibre top mount washers, Fixed steel strut brace, Titanium nuts and washers, Powerflex ARB bushes, Eibach rear camber shims, Spherical bearing rear beam bushes.


Wheels & Tyres


Momo Ferrari Engineering 17" 8J rims. Toyo T1R 205/40 front 225/40 rears


Black Halo Projector Headlights, Black Smoked Side Repeaters, Storm Mono-wipe Conversion, Carbon fibre wiper arm, PIAA Supersilicone wiper blade, Filled and smoothed front scuttle, Custom fitted woven stainless mesh lower front grill, RGM Lower Front Splitter, Custom fitted woven stainless mesh in rear bumper vents, Ford Escort GTI Side Skirts, De-badge front grill with woven stainless mesh, Smoked Lexus Taillights, Custom made Carbon Fibre Tailgate Infill/Number Plate Surround, Custom made carbon fibre bee-sting aerial, Rear Ford Mudflaps, , De-badged  & de-wipered tailgate.


Red velour mats with 3mm carbon fibre heel plates, Door cards re-trimmed in red Novasuede with Carbon Fibre detailing & Alloy door handles, Rear panels re-trimmed in red Novasuede, Momo carbon fibre gear knob, Red Novasuede handbrake gaiter with carbon fibre surround, Red Novasuede gear-change gaiter with carbon vinyl surround, Momo Trek with Red Alcantara inserts & carbon fibre spokes, Custom made Black Flocked dash insert with 3 gauge mounts where centre heater vent was, ACT display mounted in clock aperture additional oval switch where headlight levelling switch was, Cobra Sidewinders seats, Cobra tailored sub-frames, Head unit in low placement on Custom made centre console panel, Ford Power button linked to Clifford Security system, Blue LED Interior lighting, Jackson Racing Auxiliary Gauges (Boost/AF Ratio/Oil Pressure), Rear Seats and seatbelts /parcel shelf and trim removed, harness eyebolts fitted to rear seatbelt attachment points and drivers lower front seatbelt attachment points.

Modifications not installed on 2nd Body-shell


Fully TIG seam welded body-shell, 6 Point CDS Ø 45mm x 2.5mm welded roll cage.


150bhp hybrid wet-shot nitrous on 3 stage progressive controller (1st stage 50bhp @ 3500 rpm, 2nd stage +50bhp @ WOT, 3rd Stage +50bhp @ manual control)  using dual 10lb bottles and purge system.

 Tarox drilled and grooved RS2000 rear discs, EBC Green stuff pads, Hand brake converted to hydraulic operation


Track day only modifications

 Driver seat replaced with Cobra Imola Pro-Fit Carbon Seat on custom modified Cobra side mounts, Luke Pro 4 Point (75mm/75mm) Saloon Harness Belt, Passenger seat removed.
Road Wheels replaced with 15” 8J Steels rims with 225/45ZR Toyo R888 tyres.

Fluids used

    ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid
    Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant
    Shell V-Power
    NR+ - Panta Race Fuel (on track days)
    Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
    Fuchs Titan Race SRG 75 Ester Fully Synthetic Racing Gear Oil
    Autoglym Screen-wash

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Still around, mainly on facebook. Fudge is still running strong, she makes an occasional appearance at evening meets around Fenland, we still do trackdays from time to time, but we don't do all-day shows because I am not a people person, I have an abrasive personality and I get bored easily.

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Contrary to you statement, my engine is not choked by a single throttle-body, the engine was built to use a single 55mm dia throttle-body (although I did experiment with a 60mm dia after-market throttle-body but got more consistent flow rates with the 55mm one), a single Nitrous injector, Custom profile cams and as many albeit modified 'standard' components as possible. Both the alloy inlet manifold and the ABS inlet manifolds were Abrasive Flow Machined to increase flow rate (Alloy: +35% flow, ABS: +25% flow) . Originally I had planned to use the ABS type manifold with the Nitrous injection but found the manifolds were cracking due to reduced wall thicknesses and rapid cooling when liquid nitrous was injected (-150C), so I used the earlier style Alloy manifold sourced from a 1.6 Si, when I had the Nitrous system installed.

Whilst after-market throttle-body setups like jenveys, do give impressive power increases, they were not part of the design brief nor in budget. If I wanted maximum power out of the engine, and budget had allowed it, then a set of titan roller bodies may have been included, but the build premise was a street car and occasional standing mile/track-day car, the engine is almost 10 years old with no major rebuilds unlike some of my acquaintance's engines, and I understand Tiger sports cars are getting 280bhp out of ST170 engines on Jenveys, but i doubt they have engine longevity in mind.

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I generally didn't do 1/4 mile runs( still don't)  and she was built to do '2 standing mile passes', thats all.  when the nitrous was installed, she was bloody quick, without the gas, she is still quicker than many cars, but speed isn't everything. rather pointless here in the UK if the car doesn't handle well or stop well.

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