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Pete's car-lection


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Had 3 cars before I discovered the 'net, digital cameras and forums etc. 1st was a black Nova SR which ate head gaskets on a weekly basis. That was px'd for an blue Astra 8v GTE which I actually quite liked but it was still a Vauxhall :tired:


That was swapped for a black mk5b Escort Ghia, which I turned into a GTi rep. Loved that car until I managed to put it on its roof and write-off, which hurt like hell, especially as it was only insured TPFT ;(


Then took the plunge on a bright red Escort GTi, which was only 3 years old (and totally standard) when I bought it. After hitting someone up the arse :blush: I stumbled upon this place and the slippery slope began.


Rather than replace the front bumper with a standard jobbie, I realised I could get a WRC one cheaper(!) So on that went and you know how it is, one thing leads to another and the rest is history. Pretty sure you all know the car, these are the only pics I have just after I sold her to some dodgy 'yoof from oop North' but pretty much as I had her.





(The way this car was sold/brought will go down in Evo history - one for the old timers LOL)


After the two 'scorts it was time for a change, as insurance was slowly coming down, performance was becoming a factor. Having never been one to do things by half I found this beast....






The grip and acceleration these things have is something else. Still miss driving it, but dont miss the service costs and petrol bills :O


After that power it was time for a bit of pose 8) Despite being told never to buy a car from somewhere by the sea, I went to see a BMW 325 cabby in Southend one Saturday morning. Had to have it but the dealer gave me a pathetic p/x price on the Scooby. Came home, sold it within the hour, and went back to pick her up...





I'd always wanted a cabby and loved driving this. But there is only so much posing you can do :D On the off chance I noticed an M3 for sale locally in a different colour to every other one I'd seen. So off I went, deal was done, and for a couple of months I was the proud owner of two e36 BMW's :D I would love to have kept both but deep down I knew it just wasn't possible. So the cabby was offloaded to the usual dodgy 'yoof from oop North'.


So, ladies and gents, that brings us bang up to date...





Currently saving for a deposit on a house/flat so she'll have to do for now. Saying that, she is paid for and could easily be sold to fund something else :innocent:


I've obviously skipped out all the modding etc, purely because I'm in denial :blush:


I'd like to thank my Mum, Dad, The Halifax for changing to a bank and giving me loads of shares which financed my first car, the local garage for taking my Nova in p/x even though it smoked like Dot Cotton, the council for charging me £1300 for kerb damage when I totalled my Escort Ghia, HSBC for giving me a loan even though I was unemployed at the time, this place for helping me spend thousands on mods, and last but definately not least, Mr Kevin Hall ;)

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How times change...


A combination of growing up (old!?) and saving for my own place brings with it something more economical and hopefully reliable. Picked this up yesterday, lovely drive, and for once I dont have to think twice about where I park, and insurance is less than a weeks pay :)







May be getting afew touches here and there but it wont see anything major.

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whens the st kit going on then ;) :cheers:

LOL, its not!!


Immediate plans are to touch up the stone chips on the bonnet, crystal side repeaters, new centre caps (corroded), ST220 gear knob, colour code the calipers, and silver hammerite the brake disc centres (covered in crap). Sounds alot but can be done for £60 ish :innocent:

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