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got my exhaust done :)


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4" jap slash cut at the back....


it aint too loud in the car, but people say its loud outside, but not as loud as most saxos, corsa owners, i just wanted a nice sporty noise, but i wonder what its like once broken in :)


its a Tiger exhaust, really good, as Al n Simon probably know, freeflow done mine, same company that done the micra :) only a 1 man business....


Since my pics are large ill create buttons per pic, keep chrissy happy ;)


Exhaust pic 1

Exhaust pic 2

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for the scottish guys...


if yous are looking into an exhaust, then book it into free flow, couldn't ask for anything better....just tell em i recommened ya, will with the Messcort ;)

cheers m8 but I put on a Magnex, hope you're gonna give the bodyshop clown some sh*t when you see him m8, if you're wanting to go to Crail without ya motor and can get as far as Dunfermline let me know and I'll take you up there.





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