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O/T Space Shuttle Columbia


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It seems that the shuttle broke up during re-entry over Texas at around 200,000 ft ( 40 miles)


There's no chance of crew survivability at this altitude - so it seems that all 7 members are lost.


It was due to land at about 2:30 GMT meaning it's been missing for about an hour now.


I'm an avid fan of spaceflight and space exploration and this is possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to humanity with regards to our understanding and exploration of space.


Those who want to follow the story - CNN, SKy news and BBC News 24 are all following it. http://www.sky.com/skynews/home

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its a great loss :(


escpecially for those familys of the astronauts......


what happened on re-entry? dont they do pre-entry checks which is extremely accurate? which monitors every part of the air craft? i guess there angle could have been a bit wrong? but on board computers would have alerted them.....hmm....sad day :/

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tis not funny al :rolleyes:

yes it is :D :rolleyes:


All this fuss cos they are bloody american..........AGAIN :vangry:



A 80 odd year old lady was brutally murdered and set on fire and local to me, the theives got away with £40........don't see that over the news all day.......and this, to me, is more important to me than poxy yanks :vangry: :rolleyes: :upyours:


I got nowt against yanks as people, just that everyone has to know about everything that goes on there

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Yea, I agree a bit with Lee there, terrible thing to happen, but then again, thats why we have local news bullitins, as well as international new ones................. but come on, theres been more people killed in my country last week due to car crashes and they didnt spend the whole day talking about it on tv did they, and whilst I understand its tradgic etc, sometimes I wounder if it wasnt for america owneing everything, would anyone really care?
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